1. Want a Change of Pace for your Next Meal?

    At the risk of terribly categorizing people, there are roughly two kinds of people when it comes to eating out. The type who goes to the same restaurants and order the same meal each time or the type who orders something new and is willing to try a new restaurant whenever the opportunity presents itself. No matter which category you fall into, you’ll want to try items from our new dinner menu. A…Read More

  2. Have the Ultimate Party at a Restaurant without Paying a Bundle

    In a previous blog, we shared a couple ideas for throwing a birthday party for a friend while still on a budget. Treat your friends and have a special time in an evening to celebrate your friend in the way he or she deserves. Here is another idea for how you can celebrate your friend on her or his special day and minimize your bill for the evening. Plan the party for between or after meals and ord…Read More

  3. Spring is Coming! Enjoy the Sun on your Skin with Patio Seating

    This winter has been harsh, but spring is near and temperatures will be warming soon. We can shed the layers that cover us and keep us warm through the cold northeastern coastal winters and feel the warmth of the sun on our skin. You, like many, will yearn to sit in the warmth of the sun while you eat and find other spring activities to take part in outside. A patio at a restaurant is a great plac…Read More

  4. Two ways to Plan a Great Party for a Close Friend on a Budget

    You want to organize a party for a friend’s birthday, but don’t have a huge budget to feed the whole group of non-negotiable friends for the occasion. Instead of having a huge meal and and open bar at the birthday friend’s favorite Italian seafood restaurant and charging the whole bill to your credit card, then have to take the next twelve months paying the card off. If you have the budget f…Read More

  5. Enjoy Café Mezzanotte at your Next Catered Event

    Event planning for a corporate event takes a great deal of detailed work. Hire a caterer to take over the food preparation instead of going to your big box store and getting frozen food trays or heat-and-eat foods. This will help save you time and a headache. A good caterer will talk to you and find out the needs for the event and it will be one less worry for you. The benefits of hiring a caterer…Read More

  6. Good Reasons to Schedule Lunch Meetings

    Lunch is an important meal, even during the workweek. Life can get away with you if lunch isn’t scheduled. However, lunch can be a time to schedule a meeting and conduct business while you eat, so time isn’t lost during the day. There are some benefits to scheduling a meeting at a restaurant, especially one with great seafood on the menu. Making a good impression with clients or business partn…Read More

  7. Enjoy Spaghetti and a Kiss

    Having dinner with a special someone and you want a little romance? Maybe you’re looking for an opportunity to propose and want the perfect setting and meal to make that event memorable. Take a page from the playbook of a famous mutt, Tramp, and his Lady in the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp and bring your date to your local Italian restaurant—Café Mezzanotte in Wilmington, Delaware. “We…Read More