Valentine’s Day has come and gone for 2015, but you still desire some romance in your relationship. How about dining at a seafood restaurant that serves food that have an aphrodisiac effect? An aphrodisiac is a food or drink that when consumed increases sexual desire. Traditionally a variety of seafood have been used as aphrodisiacs, helping to aid in those partaking of the delicacies to get into the mood. Some of which are lobster, clams and oysters.

Science today points to specific minerals or vitamins in some of the traditional foods are what  helps boost libido. Whether it is for the way of thinking about their consistency and look, or the biological reaction from the naturally occurring minerals in the food, seafood have been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries, even before the science to back it up.

One way to help inject romance into your relationship is to dine at an Italian seafood restaurant with your loved one and enjoy a delicious seafood dish to jump start your evening of romance. The Italian culture has always been big on love and passion and the quiet atmosphere of an Italian restaurant will allow you and your date to spend time together while soaking in the presence of each other and filling up on a delicious meal of Mussels Sauteed to start, with Lobster Ravioli and Tortellini Crab with a fine Italian wine.

Café Mezzanotte has a menu filled with authentic Italian food, including seafood dishes to nosh on with your date. Make a reservation with our restaurant and ask for a table in an area that is more quiet, so you have intimate seating so the two of you can have an evening focused on each other. Call today for reservations. 302.658.7050