Having dinner with a special someone and you want a little romance? Maybe you’re looking for an opportunity to propose and want the perfect setting and meal to make that event memorable. Take a page from the playbook of a famous mutt, Tramp, and his Lady in the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp and bring your date to your local Italian restaurant—Café Mezzanotte in Wilmington, Delaware. “We’re the very place for a very special occasion,” as the Tramp tells Lady about Tony’s Restaurant before their shared spaghetti and meatball meal that ended in a kiss. If dogs can have beautiful night, you can too. At Café Mezzanotte, we are an authentic Italian restaurant, with an amazing menu including a delicious Spaghetti Seafood you two can share. Don’t worry, we won’t make you eat your dinner by the trash dumpster out back. You can call ahead to make reservations and be sure you and your date have a perfect table for the evening. No matter the occasion, we promise your experience with us will be memorable for all the right reasons. We have a full menu of authentic Pan-Mediterranean fare for you to choose from and a large wine list including many Italian wines to pair with your meal. If you prefer, we have an award-winning martini or cocktail off our drink menu with specialty drinks to enjoy with or after your meal. Make it a night to remember with your date at Café Mezzanotte. The evening will be your Bella Notte.