Delaware has a schedule packed with races throughout the year. It’s a runner’s delight, with multiple runs each weekend and most weekends with a race. One of the classic activities runners do before a race is their carb loading meal. The history of the practice goes back to the late 60s to give the runner a sufficient amount of glycogen stored in the muscles and liver to give the body the endurance it needs to sustain running for long periods of time.

The practice of carb loading has continued for more than 50 years as it has evolved slightly and plans for the carb loading have become more precise. On such plan focuses on the week before the race to deplete the body of carbs, then super loading it to maximize the glycogen stores in the body, according to Swedish physiologist, Gunvar Ahlborg’s carb loading method. He’s the founder of a couple plans that bring the science and the practice together.

Italian food is an ideal way to get your carb loading meal! At Café Mezzanotte, downtown Wilmington Italian restaurant, we offer pizza and pasta meals on our lunch and dinner menus that would give you the carbs to get you through a race. Try the Fettuccine Alfredo or the Spaghetti Seafood for the pasta or our Campagna Pizza. We also offer catering if you are organizing a race and are looking for a delicious catered meal for your runners the night before the race. Contact us to get the meal organized.

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