Lunch is an important meal, even during the workweek. Life can get away with you if lunch isn’t scheduled. However, lunch can be a time to schedule a meeting and conduct business while you eat, so time isn’t lost during the day. There are some benefits to scheduling a meeting at a restaurant, especially one with great seafood on the menu. Making a good impression with clients or business partners is important. If you have a working lunch or a lunchtime meeting, you want to make sure it’s at a good restaurant with food that will help you make that good impression.

One benefit is that you get out of the office. The workday can be stressful and getting out, even if it is to do more work, will give you a change of atmosphere and fresh air and hopefully, help to relax you. Another benefit is that you’ll be sharing a meal with someone. There is something about eating together that helps to bond people together. At a restaurant, as opposed to an office, even a conference room, there is an equalizing effect. Playing a power card doesn’t become as big a part of the meeting. One last benefit is that you can pick up the tab for lunch. Make a good impression on a client.

At Café Mezzanotte, we offer gourmet pizzas on our full lunch menu. Our pizzas are made with only the best ingredients. Our seafood pizza is knock-your-socks-off delicious. It is a white pizza with grilled shrimp and mussels, fresh tomato, mozzarella and capers. And we have gluten free options to help accommodate food allergies. There are also other options, including lunch specials for any Italian food you crave on your lunch.