In a previous blog, we shared a couple ideas for throwing a birthday party for a friend while still on a budget. Treat your friends and have a special time in an evening to celebrate your friend in the way he or she deserves. Here is another idea for how you can celebrate your friend on her or his special day and minimize your bill for the evening.

Plan the party for between or after meals and order hors d’oeuvres only or dessert only while there. The great thing is, this will work for just a couple friends or a whole group of your favorite people. This way you can treat, but you’re not responsible for buying entrees and drinks for everyone. If you plan the party during happy hour or after dinner, you can encourage someone else from your party to informally plan on going out after the part of the soiree you plan. The birthday celebration can continue, and you kicked off the evening of fun.

You can plan to start the evening with the hors d’oeuvres or dessert at Café Mezzanotte in downtown Wilmington. We offer delicious and authentic Pan-Mediterranean antipasti options as well as a delicious dessert menu and an award-winning martini menu. If your group chooses to stay for dinner, we have lovely seafood items in our restaurant. Fresh from the sea, head chef Sergio Pellegrino creates wonderful authentic Italian seafood dishes. Celebrate your friends in style and call ahead for reservations and we’ll have a table ready for you and your party.