Looking for something to do with your next long weekend? Plan an Italian themed staycation for your family in Wilmington, DE. An optimal time of the year would be the same weekend as the Italian Festival in June. Because there are so many people in attendance, it will work well to stay close to the events so you don’t have to drive, but can walk from your hotel to the festival events.

The festival is seven days long, so there are plenty of days to attend the festival and take in the culture, food, and fun. Enjoy the entertainment schedule for the festival. It’s filled with dancing, bands, performers and more!

In addition to the festival, there are plenty of Italian restaurants for you to partake in Italian delicacies and culture with Wilmington’s historic Little Italy. Throughout the city, there are Italian restaurants.

Try wine at a local Vintage Atlantic Winery on the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail. If you want to stay in town the whole weekend, eat at the downtown Café Mezzanotte and partake in authentic Italian cuisine and Italian wines from the wine collection.

Look around to see if the Italian restaurants offer live music to enjoy while you’re eating or later when you go out for dessert and drinks in the evening.

Wilmington has a wealth of places to visit, Italian Festival or no. Take the time to walk around and enjoy the scenery and culture of the historic Italian area of Wilmington while staying close to home. The East Coast has a rich historical Italian heritage.