1. Bring the Romance into your Relationship

    Valentine’s Day has come and gone for 2015, but you still desire some romance in your relationship. How about dining at a seafood restaurant that serves food that have an aphrodisiac effect? An aphrodisiac is a food or drink that when consumed increases sexual desire. Traditionally a variety of seafood have been used as aphrodisiacs, helping to aid in those partaking of the delicacies to get int…Read More

  2. Get Ready for your Race and Carb Load with Delicious Italian Food

    Delaware has a schedule packed with races throughout the year. It’s a runner’s delight, with multiple runs each weekend and most weekends with a race. One of the classic activities runners do before a race is their carb loading meal. The history of the practice goes back to the late 60s to give the runner a sufficient amount of glycogen stored in the muscles and liver to give the body the endu…Read More

  3. Seafood Done Deliciously

    Studies are constantly being done about the nutritional values of food and how they affect our bodies. Seafood is a food low in fats and what fats are in fish and seafood tend to be healthy. More recent studies have shown that we benefit from Omega-3 fatty acids that some seafood is rich in. Omega-3 fatty acids are needed for human development. In addition, the Omega-3s that are marine-derived can…Read More

  4. Want a Change of Pace for your Next Meal?

    At the risk of terribly categorizing people, there are roughly two kinds of people when it comes to eating out. The type who goes to the same restaurants and order the same meal each time or the type who orders something new and is willing to try a new restaurant whenever the opportunity presents itself. No matter which category you fall into, you’ll want to try items from our new dinner menu. A…Read More

  5. Have the Ultimate Party at a Restaurant without Paying a Bundle

    In a previous blog, we shared a couple ideas for throwing a birthday party for a friend while still on a budget. Treat your friends and have a special time in an evening to celebrate your friend in the way he or she deserves. Here is another idea for how you can celebrate your friend on her or his special day and minimize your bill for the evening. Plan the party for between or after meals and ord…Read More

  6. Spring is Coming! Enjoy the Sun on your Skin with Patio Seating

    This winter has been harsh, but spring is near and temperatures will be warming soon. We can shed the layers that cover us and keep us warm through the cold northeastern coastal winters and feel the warmth of the sun on our skin. You, like many, will yearn to sit in the warmth of the sun while you eat and find other spring activities to take part in outside. A patio at a restaurant is a great plac…Read More

  7. Two ways to Plan a Great Party for a Close Friend on a Budget

    You want to organize a party for a friend’s birthday, but don’t have a huge budget to feed the whole group of non-negotiable friends for the occasion. Instead of having a huge meal and and open bar at the birthday friend’s favorite Italian seafood restaurant and charging the whole bill to your credit card, then have to take the next twelve months paying the card off. If you have the budget f…Read More

  8. Plan a Birthday Party to Remember at Café Mezzanotte

    Getting ready to plan a family member or friend’s birthday party? You want to honor this person on their special day and it’s important to you that you make sure the birthday person gets their favorite food. Here are a few tips for planning that will help the party be an event to remember for years to come. Decide if you will be paying for the party or if you will have the guests pay for thems…Read More