At the risk of terribly categorizing people, there are roughly two kinds of people when it comes to eating out. The type who goes to the same restaurants and order the same meal each time or the type who orders something new and is willing to try a new restaurant whenever the opportunity presents itself. No matter which category you fall into, you’ll want to try items from our new dinner menu. At our Italian restaurant, Café Mezzanotte in Wilmington, we have varied our options on the dinner menu. Don’t worry, they’re still deliciously crafted under the direction of our head chef and owner Sergio Pellegrino.

At the risk of breaking out of your category, try a new item when ordering from us. If you tend to order the same thing because you won’t know which Italian wine to pair, just ask our wait staff. We have knowledgeable employees who know what wines will be pleasing with the food we serve. You can also ask them the ingredients of the dishes to make sure the food items are agreeable to your food tolerances. Life is too short to not try something new, be adventurous! Who knows…you may just find your next favorite meal.

Call ahead for a reservation to Café Mezzanotte and try a dish off our new dinner menu. Experience the authentic Italian food from our restaurant in downtown Wilmington, DE and find your next favorite meal. Break out and be adventurous with your eating while you enjoy a taste of Italy!