It’s 11 am, your stomach is grumbling and you have a lunch meeting coming up. Lunch plans are flexible, but you know the client you are meeting with enjoys Italian food and great Italian wine. You are craving seafood and you need to find a restaurant close to the stately Hotel du Pont in the heart of Wilmington, Delaware where the client is staying. Your assistant has called around, but to no avail, there are not any restaurants taking reservations. You remember someone talking about the Café Mezzanotte and you look it up online.
Perfect! They have a full lunch menu with seafood. The descriptions of the food make your mouth water and your stomach rumble in anticipation as you think how they will taste, especially the Spaghetti Seafood with shrimp, clams and mussels. You glance over at their wine list and find that it has an extensive list of Italian reds and whites the client will be looking for.
You have your assistant call and be sure they will have a table available for you and the client. She tells you they will have a table in your name.The client is happy with the setting for the restaurant and with your product. After you meet with the client, you go back to the office and rave about the restaurant and how authentic the Italian food is and let your assistant know they have catering available for your upcoming holiday party. She calls to set up a tasting to find the right menu for the event.